Elements for TAP115 Filler Breathers


Additional information about Elements for TAP115 Filler Breathers

Fantastic NEW Range of Oil Filter and Air Breather filler caps.

Metal and plastic styles suitable for use on mobile equipment are available.
Filler caps perform a dual function, air filtration at the tank inlet and prefiltration of the fluid by means of the basket, in order to prevent the ingress of foreign material into the tank during filling and top-up operations.

Elements to suit the High Capacity TAP115 Filler Breathers.

Code To Suit List Price Stock Next Day Quantity Required
A1151L10P01 TAP1151FL10A1AP01 and TAP1151FL10A1BP01 £8.73 (exc VAT) Each 8
A1152L10P01 TAP1152FL10A1AP01 and TAP1152FL10A1BP01 £13.55 (exc VAT) Each 9