Requests by you to return catalogue goods supplied by us may be accepted, at our discretion, subject to a handling charge. The goods must be:
i The goods are unused and are a standard item listed in the current Beaumanor Fluid Power Products Catalogue.
ii A GOODS RETURN NUMBER is obtained by contact us and is included with the goods returned.
iii All returns should be adequately packaged and clearly labelled as follows "CUSTOMER RETURNS, Beaumanor Fluid Power Products, 53 Wenlock Way, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 9HU" Credits agreed will only be issued when the items are received by us in good condition.
Handling charges will be advised to you prior to a goods return number being issued. Goods returned to us without prior agreement may be returned to you, for which standard delivery charges will be applied. All goods returned without a returns numbers will always be subject to a handling charge of £25.00 or 25% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater.
Items not listed in the current Beaumanor Fluid Power Products catalogue will not be accepted for return for any reason whatsoever.
Back orders for not listed in the current Beaumanor Fluid Power Products catalogue cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever. Cancellation of back orders for other items may be accepted providing that a variation to our standard pricing was not agreed based on the volume to be delivered. In this case cancellation will only be accepted if the standard sales price is to be charged on the quantity delivered. Requests to cancel an order for an ex-stock item can normally only be accommodated within one hour of the original order being received. Orders cancelled after this time may be subject to a returns handling charge. Once an order for direct shipment from supplier is in process, we are unable to either amend or cancel the request.